You must be crazy not too!

November 16, 2011

Check out this video thanks to the team at Crazy Catch. Dale Benkenstein being put through his paces.

Crazy Catch develops visual performance in the following areas:
1 Eye / hand / body coordination
2 Speed of eye response
3 Eye movement skills (Ball tracking)
4 Peripheral awareness
5 Ability to focus (from long to short etc)
6 Visual Concentration Skills

30% of the brain is devoted to vision and even more when you link this with coordinating vision with movement and fine motor skills. Vision is highly trainable.

As we have seen from the Crazy Catch video, top professional athletes use this as a training aid. I have seen Crazy Catch nets up at The Kia Oval during pre-season sessions with Surrey.

Crazy Catch can be used by a gender of any age and should be a must for every back-garden up and down the country.

Many parents are looking for ways to get kids away from computer screens. Crazy Catch is healthy, fun and great for motor skill development. Research shows that the children of today, on average, perform poorly in basic skills such as throwing and catching. This seriously limits their potential for a lifetime of active participation in sport.

Crazy Catch have developed a range of activities, scoresheets and certificates which you can download for your kids to ensure they stay interested and challenged in the Crazy Catch.

Many schools now have crazy catch nets which they use during PE lessons with balls of all shapes and sizes in order to develop and fine tune motor skills.

Check their wesite out here for all the information you need on Crazy Catch

The Scoop 16/11/11

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