British Food Supermarket for Expats

March 11, 2011

British Corner Shop is the online supermarket that enables you to shop online for all your favourite British food wherever you are in the world, as the website offers worldwide international delivery.

Displaying a bit of true British grit, the humble corner shop has used the power of the internet to turn the tables, and with the tenacity of a top-order test match batsman, has become the highest grossing corner shop in the world!

The online British supermarket stocks over 7,000 of the most popular British food products missed by British Expats around the world. Their stock deliveries, are the likes of Heinz Baked Beans, Marmite, Pork Scratchings, Bacon, Bisto Gravy Granules and Branston Pickle.

Of course, English tea is also one of the most-missed product categories by Expats and Brits working and living abroad, with PG Tips topping the table of favourites. Robinsons squash and Walkers crisps also feature highly on the wish-list of those who have gone without a taste of home for any length of time.

In most countries, many British food items are either impossible to find or alternatively very expensive to purchase. Some small British shops do emerge in areas highly populated with British Expats, but unless you’re on the Costa del Sol you’re unlikely to be able to get hold of your staple British goodies very easily.

This is where British Corner Shop finds its market, with some of the best rates for international delivery you are likely to find anywhere. A fortnightly or monthly shop makes sense when you optimise your shopping basket for the most efficient delivery cost by filling a box to the brim with British food.

You’ll be bowled over by the customer service, which is second to none. British Corner Shop boasts embedded customer service with ParcelForce, making sure that every parcel reaches it’s intended destination on time.

British Expats Live for Cricket

Of course, cricket has been another very successful British export, and British Corner Shop reports that a high percentage of British Expats who buy British food from them, also love their cricket.

With Expats replying on the internet for keeping in touch with friends and family, their shopping, their news, and their sport, websites like British Corner Shop and We Live Cricket should be at the top of any self-respecting Expat’s favourites list.

Now Expatriates can keep up with the latest cricket news online, while dunking a McVities Hob-Nob into a cup of PG Tips. Does life get any better?

Discount for WeLiveCricket readers!

British Corner Shop would like to offer WeLiveCricket readers a 15% discount off their service (excluding delivery costs) until the end of April 2011. Please enter the code WELIVECRICKETBCS when prompted at the checkout. Happy Shopping!


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  1. Editor
    March 31st, 2011 @ 10:35 am

    Great stuff, will check out to see if they do Pork Scratchings!

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