Younus Khan makes its 3 from 3!

October 31, 2014

Abu Dhabi

by mofsound

Younus Khan after scoring back to back century’s in the first test has recorded a double century in the 1st innings of the 2nd test. Making it 3 hundreds in as many innnings in their current test series against Australia. He finished with an incredible 213 to put Pakistan in a promising position going into the rest of the match. The Aussies have no answer to Younus at the moment. Breaking many records in his recent run fest, He is now the leading century maker for his country on 27*. He is in great form and at 37 years of age people will be questioning how long he can last. The old boy doesn’t look like he is about to slow down anytime soon. Especially with one eye on the World Cup; but wait here’s where it gets interesting.

Younus was dropped from the ODI side before this tour by the PCB. This clearly upset Younus as he was quoted as saying he would retire with the intent to kick up some dust to prove his point.
He has clearly changed his mind for the better and comeback in the best way possible, by getting any many runs under his belt as he can. He has done so well that the PCB would be foolish to overlook the great man. He has transformed himself into one of Pakistan’s greatest ever batsmen in his long career.

That being said Test cricket is a different ball game to the ODI arena. People would argue that the pace of the game is different and he may not be up to it anymore. The Scoop begs to differ Younus has all the class and experience needed to guide that young line-up to scare a few opponents. It wouldn’t be the same without him.

Would you like to see Younus in Australia?

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