Top of the table

August 7, 2012

PalladinoI’m writing my latest blog the day after what was comfortably the best win I’ve ever been involved in. Our two wicket win over our promotion rivals Kent was a real nail biter in the end but after day two we had two chances to win, slim and none. Early wickets on the third morning gave us a sniff as we were set 295 to win. The way our batters chased it down was amazing and when Dan Redfern lifted his fifth boundary over the bowlers head we erupted and enjoyed what was a special win and a 26 point lead at the top.

Career best with bat and ball

Personally the last two weeks have been pretty special. Starting with our tour match v Australia A, after completing my task as night watchman I was able to next morning score my maiden first class hundred. I’ve been working hard on my batting this season, so it was very pleasing to see that hard work pay off. I was worked over early on by Mitchell Starc bowling some good pace, my beans were definitely going, but after weathering that barrage was able to get in on a belter of a track.
Our win v Kent allowed me to top my first class bowling CB from 9 years ago, as I claimed 7-53 in the second innings. It will go down as a very special memory, as I was able to bowl unchanged for a 13 over spell. Sportsman often talk about times when they are ‘in the zone’ and this was a spell where I felt exactly like that. Adrenaline was pumping and you feel like you won’t tire. Believe me however when we came off the field the feeling had worn off and I felt like I’d been hit by a car!!!

Dark knight rises with the lads

As a big film fan the release of the new batman flick, was about a good as it gets. I decided it would be a good chance to get together with the boys and enjoy this epic. Visualising huge queues and wild frenzies to get popcorn and snacks, I made the decision to book tickets and tell the lads to make sure they got there early if they wanted good seats. We arrived at 7pm for an 8.30 showing. The 10 seconds it took to get our tickets followed by the 5 minutes getting pick n mix and popcorn, gave us a good chunk of time to waste before the lights were dimmed, most of which was used abusing me for making them get there so early!
A large popcorn and Pepsi combo followed by fizzy cola bottles hit the spot and we enjoyed a fantastic finale to the trilogy. If you’ve not gone to see it yet, your missing out!

Till next time go well guys


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