Time to bounce back

August 13, 2012

Matt SpriegelAfter a hugely disappointing week up in Durham we need to bounce back strongly against Middlesex on Wednesday. A few things went against us last week, and if they had gone our way, it could have gone completely differently. It was a very long week, made even longer by the result.

It’s a long journey to and from Durham on the coach but it gave Linners the chance to show off his repertoire of board games! He and Arun Harinath were no match for me and Rory Burns at Articulate however!

At this stage of the season last year, we needed to win all four championship games to get promoted and we were top of our CB40 group. We are no strangers to a big run in, and we are under no illusions that we need one if we are to stay in Division 1 and retain our CB40 crown. We have two home games left and Lancashire and Somerset away so we will be playing on wickets that will suite our attack which will be a big help.

Away from cricket, I have been glued to the Olympics for the last 2 weeks. The way it has been run and the way Team GB has performed has been truly inspirational. Sport has the ability to unite the nation like nothing else, and the atmosphere around London has been like nothing l have ever seen before. I had tickets to go to the athletics last Monday night but couldn’t make it because l was on the coach up to Durham! I’m determined to get up to the Olympic Park for the Paralympics to have a look around and soak up the atmosphere!

Its even inspired the boys to create our own Olympics in a few weeks! A lot of the boys think they are the fastest in the squad so I’m sure if it ever takes place then there will be a few bruised egos and one highly inflated, my money is on Matt Dunn, he’s rapid!

The big news over the last few days has obviously been about KP’s omission from the Test side. Having had the privilege to watch him play up close and personal in the last month, there is no doubting his unbelievable talent with bat in hand. I doubt many players have been dropped after being Man of the Match in the previous Test.

It will be very interesting to see what develops over the next few weeks, he could even be available for us!


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