Theatre or Bordering on Violence

May 8, 2014

by Yellowmonkey

The altercation involving Kieron Pollard and Mitchell Starc in this years IPL has stolen the cricket headlines and spilt opinions

Starc has been known to have a word with batsman in the past and in the same game we saw him give Virender Sehwag a mouthful after hitting the opener in the helmet

Some will say there is no place in cricket for behaviour such as what took place and others will say it’s attracted more interest, views and opinions than anything else that has yet taken place in this years tournament

It’s not the first time a T20 tournament seen an altercation similar to what happened yesterday. Marlon Samuels was involved in an similar altercation with Melbourne Stars Captain Shane Warne in the 2013 Big Bash

Warne was fined $4500 and given a one match ban following the heated altercation and as yet the IPL’s handling of yesterdays incident so far has seen both players fined a percentage of their match fee -Pollard 75% and Starc 50%. Any further punishment has yet to be decided

The altercation began with an exchange of words after Starc dug one in short to Pollard in the 17th over of Mumbai Indians’ innings against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Pollard then pulled away as Starc ran in for the next delivery, while Starc continued through the crease and let it go

So do incidents like this set the right examples to the younger generation – no they don’t, do they on face value ‘show off’ the IPL in the way in which they would like to be shown of – perhaps not but does it show there’s is huge passion for what is happening out there in the middle – yes it does

Many ‘stars of the game’ have had fingers pointed at them for using the IPL solely as a money earner and put in their position many might ask what is wrong with doing that. A very small amount have been question and charged for match fixing. Perhaps incidents like this will show that players aren’t their just to pick up their big cheques

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  1. Nick
    May 9th, 2014 @ 9:39 am

    Players can’t throw bats at each other… but good viewing!

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