Suspension called with World Cup looming large

October 29, 2014
Saeed Ajmal

by Harrias

Why now?

In the last couple months various bowlers in world cricket have been asked to remodel there bowling actions because the ICC do not believe they’re legitimate. The biggest namesake from all of these is Saeed Ajmal who has taken 446 wickets for Pakistan in all formats. Surely if the ICC feels his action is that bad he wouldn’t have been able to record this feat in the first place.

With the ICC World Cup just around the corner, the question I ask is why now are bowlers being asked to remodel there actions?

Something doesn’t quite sit right with me with all these people being pulled up for having suspect actions by the ICC so close to the ICC World Cup. We are talking blokes who have got over 100 wickets for their countries with the actions that are now deem to be dodgy. These bowlers include Sunil Narine (West Indies) Sachithra Senanayake (Sri Lanka) & Kane Williamson (New Zealand). Both who play a vital role in their teams successes over the last year.

Now I’m not saying these guys are not guilty because there are guidelines to follow and the 15 degrees the rules allows you are the limit. I do feel for them in a sense being the game is becoming very batter friendly of late with the short boundaries, free hits & bat technology finding new ranges all the time. This does not mean the rules should be broken, so this delivery called the “doosra” is genius in the sense it swings the balance fractionally into the bowlers direction again. However I do not think it can be properly bowled without being close or over the 15 degree mark.

Is it possible to change something you’ve always done and remodel it to be at your best in 3 months’ time?

I guess only time will tell how these guys will fair in the build-up to the ICC World Cup. One thing for sure is here we will keep a close eye on it.

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