Spriegs checks in from Perth and Melbourne

February 7, 2013

Matt SpriegelNo matter where you go in the world, it seems that transport always lets you down! I’m currently sitting in Melbourne airport waiting to board my flight to Perth, it’s delayed by three hours. I have been here for four days and have had a fantastic time catching up with close friends and exploring this great city.

Even though l have been to Perth five times, this is my first time over to the East coast and l have loved it. I was ably shown around by Tim Linely and Arun Harinath, both of whom are playing club cricket over here and even manage to time the journey well enough to meet up with Rory Burns and Tom Jewell who flew over from different states as well. It is such a vibrant city, l would recommend it to anyone.

It was nice to have a small break away from the monotony of training to recharge the body and mind, so that l am able to really attack the last three weeks l have in Perth. This is to make sure l get back to England in the best physical and mental state l possibly can.

On the field things have been going well. Perth have won two out of three since Christmas and l managed to get 126 in the last round of games, which we unfortunately lost. Spending time in the middle is invaluable at this time of year and l hope to be able to spend a bit more out there in the last two games l have to play.

Northants also have a pre season trip to Barbados to look forward too. It will be a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know my new teammates a bit better and visit another beautiful part of the world.


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