Pietersen calls for franchise cricket in UK

January 28, 2015

KP3Kevin Pietersen has been in the limelight again funny enough, this time claiming the English game need a re-vamp when it comes to T20 cricket.

After playing in Australia’s Big Bash League this winter, KP has become what seems to be a different guy to the one who was last in Australia. He seems to be enjoying his cricket somewhat more. Playing the unjust villain KP has found an unlikely allies in the Australian public.

No doubt his cricket has still got the respect of most cricketers who play the game past & presence. He showed this during the tournament with some thrilling stroke-play and well crafted innings on his own.

Pietersen was consistent with the bat and he notched up the competition’s equal-highest runs scored with 293 from eight matches for the franchise the Melbourne Stars.

He said “BBL’s format has convinced me that the current structure of England’s domestic T20 competition – one match a week on Fridays for three months played by 18 county sides – can be improved”.

He continued to state “England should introduce a 10-team franchise-based competition to replicate the system that has been so successful in the Indian Premier League and the BBL”.

He says “One of the many advantages of a franchise tournament is the increased ability of sides to lure high-profile international talent, which he said increases the skill-set of local players”.

Kev has never been one to be too far from the spotlight and will no doubt see this as an opportunity for him to play for longer and put a bit more gold in his pension pot.

With his very public spat with the ECB not so long ago they are not going to be to pleased with his outburst and things certainly won’t happen overnight because of that. It is bound to pick up momentum as more people think about it and jump on-board. KP

These things take planning and time to work out the logistics. KP suggested going with the big cities in England (London ’2′, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Southampton and York) so you can put together 10 strong sides.

How stubborn will the ECB be when considering the possibility of something like this I wonder? As usual nothing will happen because of old traditions and unwritten laws in English cricket. I don’t expected anything to happen for another couple of years.

Will it give the players something more to play for? I certainly think so as there will be more money thrown into it being a franchise. Also it will give the players a chance to train and play with other players and learn new skills.

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