Mitchell Johnson- The Mustache or The Man?

March 12, 2014

After undoubtedly his best 5 months in all forms of cricket. Mitchell Johnson
can put his feet up for a while and look back at his success. His raw pace has helped Australia secure two big wins against two top sides in England and South Africa. The question I ask is could he have done it clean shaven?

His confidence strangely came from something he grew back in November (Movember 2013) for charity. His handle-bar mustache struck fear in the hearts of all the worlds’ best batters. The likes of Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Alastair Cook, Graeme Smith, Hashim Amla and Alvero Petersen. All of these above had no answer to what he was sending down.

Funny enough he did cut his mustache for the ODI’s against England and got a bit of tap (not that this made too much difference to the outcome). Johnson didn’t hesitate to grow another one as fast as he could for the now decided test series against South Africa.

For those of you remember Mitchell Johnson was dropped by Australia after a poor series in England in 2009 where he couldn’t control his pace. The chants from the England faithful went a little like this ‘He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right, that Mitchell Johnson, his bowling is s***e’. So this is a very shy and nervous man behind this now famous tash. He could have quite easily got the yips and faded off the international scene back then never to be heard of again.

Not Mitchell, He has taken the chants and jibes of the Barmy Army on the chin and bounced back to prove his doubters wrong. So from that point of view you can only say fair play to him. He deserves his Allan Border medal and all the success he’s had.

All I would like to see is him get rid of his facial hair and keep up the nasty fasty approach that test cricket has lacked.

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