India slip in updated ICC rankings

July 14, 2012

The ICC released the updated Test rankings with the major gainers being Australia and Pakistan. On the other hand, India continued its free fall and are now placed in the mid-table at 5th position with 104 points.

Not surprisingly, England lead the chart with 122 points while South Africa and Australia have swapped places. The Kangaroo nations are now at the 2nd place, 6 points behind England. Pakistan have made the major gains and have jumped 2 places from 6th position. They now have 109 points to their credit and lead their immediate neighbors by a clear 5-point margin. Sri lanka are at the 7th position with New Zealand, West Indies and Bangladesh following in that order.

South Africa, who are currently touring England can become the new World No. 1 ranked team if they manage to beat the hosts by any margin.

Zimbabwe is currently unranked, as it has played insufficient matches. It has 167 points and a rating of 42.

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Team Matches Points Rating Position
England 32 3983 122 1
Australia 34 3952 116 2
South Africa 21 2364 113 3
Pakistan 29 3148 109 4
India 29 3004 104 5
Sri Lanka 29 2834 98 6
New Zealand 18 1568 87 7
West Indies 25 2098 84 8
Bangladesh 12 0 0 9

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