King Henry 12

January 10, 2012

by Crashandspin

Sport has a funny way of throwing up situations and moments that just can’t be replicated in any other walk of life. Last night saw the return of one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced the Premier League, Thierry Henry. The 34 year old came on as a substitute last night in Arsenal’s FA Cup tie against Leeds, and sure enough scored the winning goal to seal the Gunners passage to the next round with a familiar ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’ score line.

As Simon Grayson stated after the game, ‘Henry’s goal was written in the stars’. The goal itself was a moment that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, (and that’s coming from a Liverpool supporter) and scream at your Mrs to come in and watch, before realising she doesn’t know anything about Football.

Alex Song played a slicing through ball reminiscent of Dennis Bergkamp, and Henry’s finish was reminiscent of a former Arsenal number 14 (certainly not a current). The Frenchman’s control and finish was top class, and the celebration was just as memorable. Henry charged around the Emirates stadium as if he was a caged tiger who had been set free in the wild. This was until he was stopped in his tracks from what looked like a bear hug from Arsene Wenger. North London was rocking, 68,000 fans were out of their chairs, and Piers Morgan was sent delirious in Los Angeles. In actual fact there wasn’t a sports lover that wasn’t chuffed with this moment.

Watching great sporting moments like Henry scoring last night is simply TV viewing at its very best. The ups and downs that both players and supporters have within sport are the reason why the great moments are so great.

Personalities are a key factor in the spectator journey of the sportsman or women. The more the personality comes through on our TV screens, the more we can relate to their careers. Henry, despite leaving Arsenal for Barcelona, is a Gunner through and through and he makes no secret of it.

More great moments include Kelly Holmes’ two gold medals in Athens, after a continuous fight against career threatening injuries. A personal favourite was Darren Clarke’s performance at the K club in the 2006 Ryder Cup after a personal tragedy and who could forget Freddie’s over at Ricky Ponting in the 2005 Ashes at Edgbaston.

Great sporting moments are to be savoured, and I for one will be looking forward to chatting about Henry’s finish in the pub Friday night.

Chris Murtagh 10/01/2012

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