Ashes 2015: War Of Words

July 1, 2015

As the clock ticks on the Ashes countdown both sides are not shy of sharing some banter. We take a look at everything that has been said and why before the 1st Test in Cardiff.


As recent as this week England’s new fast bowler Mark Wood has stated he wants a piece of Shane Watson after a past incident provoked a few choice words from the Aussie all-rounder.

Wood said: “Mike Hussey asked me to bounce Watson in the nets, to which I wasn’t going to say no.

“I let him have one, he gloved it and didn’t give me the best of looks. Next ball, Hussey said ‘give it him again’, so I bumped him again and this time he absolutely smoked it.

“He picked up the ball, threw it back down the wicket at me and called me a ‘net hero’.”

Wood’s speaking to radio 5 said: “Well, he’s going to get his chance. Let’s hope he remembers me, because he’s going to get a few more bumpers.”

Watto has a lot more to worry about at the moment – One being his place in the side is under jeopardy, Mitch Marsh scored a brilliant hundred in the first warm up match and took some poles to go with it, there is no guarantee he will play but let’s hope this match up does get the go ahead at some stage!


Who can forget two years ago at Trent Bridge when Stuart Broad nicked the ball to Michael Clarke at 1st slip and stood his ground. The Australians went wild and it caused all sorts of friction between the two sides. Broad stood by his decision not to walk for the good of him team (hardly in the spirit of the gentleman’s game).

Broad also put himself in the firing line when he publicly stated he wasn’t comfortable facing the short ball. Last summer he was struck on the nose by a bouncer which went through his helmet and left him with a broken nose. He stated that ” He was suffering nightmares from the delivery”.

The Tourists are known for there quick bowling and with Broad saying he doesn’t think they’ll be much sledging this summer. These fast bowlers will be licking their lips to have first crack at him.

This contest will be raging too and from all through the series. The Aussie quick’s are happy to dish it out but lets not forget Mr. Broad is more than capable of giving them some short stuff back!


When the ‘now’ Yorkshire coach was asked, ‘How would he attack the Aussies if he was coaching England?’ he said that ‘there age is the key’. Liking the squad to the old TV show Dad’s army!

At first Michael Clarke brushed the comments aside saying “Jason is entitled to his own opinion – Join the queue!” But the comments quite clearly got to the Australian skipper when he introduced the team at the Australian High Commissions office.

Those who were of a particular age were greeted by Clarke with a jokey description followed by Dad’s army. He also stated that he thought the shows were pretty successful and hoped his side could do the same.

Jason Gillespe’s most awkward moment was when he received a call off of his ex playing partner of 18 years coach Darren Lehmann who said “Good-day mate, Dad’s army here. I’ve got some pretty grumpy players here after what you said about them”.

This will be swept under the rug if Australia win and all forgotten but if they lose and that weakness is exposed, we can expect some less than happy Aussies switching sides on there former fast bowler.

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