Whilst we can’t explain the inner workings of Duckworth Lewis, we have tried to second guess and answer any initial questions you might have about playing RouletteCricket©.

However, if you’re still having problems or experiencing difficulties playing, please email technical@roulettecricket.com.

Similarly, if you have any suggestions or comments for us, please do not hesitate to email us at: info@roulettecricket.com.

How do I get RouletteCricket© on my iPhone?
If you haven’t installed RouletteCricket before, getting it on your iPhone couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch, search for RouletteCricket and then click ‘Install’.
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What if I haven’t got an iPhone?
The inaugural RouletteCricket© “play for fun” game has only been launched as an iPhone App to date in time for the start of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. That said, you can also play if you have an iPod Touch.
www.roulettecricket.com, which currently links our Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages is live and we will begin hosting the first web based product during the English summer followed by the introduction of a number of other games over the following months.
Our plan is to develop multiple outlets for RouletteCricket© to be played by cricket lovers and novices alike, both online, on mobile, watching on TV and at the ground.
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How much does RouletteCricket© cost to download?
RouletteCricket© is being launched as a FREE, play for fun game in time for the start of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in the West Indies. We currently have a whole host of enhancements to the game play up our sleeves which we are looking to introduce over the coming months.
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Is RouletteCricket© available in other languages?
At present RouletteCricket© is only available in English but that’s not to say that we wouldn’t look to create other language versions in due course.
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Do I have to set up a Profile?
Yes please – it should only take a moment to register and you need only do it once. We simply need you to enter an acceptable Username and Password as well as a valid email address. You’ll be pleased to hear that we won’t be asking for any other personal details from you and want to make registration as simple as the game itself.
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What information does RouletteCricket© collect and how do you use it?
Details of how we collect and use your personal information can be found within our <T&C> page, which also includes our Privacy Policy. As stated, we give you our word that we’ll never use your data without asking first, and promise that we’ll protect your privacy and only talk to you when it’s absolutely necessary.
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Can I follow more than one game at once?
For now at least players can only follow one game at a time. Certainly it is our intention to give players the opportunity to follow more than once game at a time, we’re simply not there just yet – watch this space…
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When do I make my selection?
Whenever a ball isn’t being bowled you can make your selection as to where you think the next boundary will be scored. As a guide, we suggest that a selection is made before the bowler starts his run-up for each ball as it may not always be possible process your selection before the ball is delivered.
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Can I select different spots around the boundary?
Yes, you can make as many selections as you like, either single segments or multiple segments. Each time you make a selection you will be asked to confirm your stake. If you make a multiple selection then the odds for those individual segments are collated to offer a single price.
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Can I move my selection once I’ve placed it?
Sadly not – once your selection is confirmed you can’t move it. However you can keep selecting other segments around the boundary until a boundary is scored. All selections remain ‘live’ until a boundary is scored, at which point you can start to make selections again.
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Do all boundaries count or is it just those scored off the bat?
Absolutely – just like in the game itself, we will be including all boundaries which includes wides, byes, legbyes and, heaven forbid, overthrows!
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My phone goes and I have to take a call – what happens?
That’s fine – take the call as normal and then you’ll need to click the RouletteCricket© App icon on your home screen at which point you’ll be taken back to the live game you were following. Your bets will still be in-play if a boundary hasn’t been scored. If you’ve missed a boundary then you’ll be shown where it was and your wallet will be credited if you’ve won.
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How do I know if I’ve won?
Each time a boundary is scored you’ll see either a 4 or 6 animation in the middle of the pitch. A straight line will go from the pitch out to the segment where the boundary was and this will indicate where the runs were scored.
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Who decides where the boundary has been scored?
Our data providers and their statisticians score all of the games featured on RouletteCricket, recording the outcome of each ball in great detail. Just like the umpires on the field of play, their decision is final (although we do monitor and check to ensure that things are being recorded accurately).
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What happens if I run out of credit?
Don’t worry, you can keep on playing indefinitely as unlike your Bank Manager we don’t have a problem if your balance is in the red! Once you’ve used up your initial starting balance, feel free to keep on playing and if you don’t hit a lucky streak then your wallet will simply show a negative amount (let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though eh!)
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It starts raining and play is paused – what happens to my selection?
All selections remain ‘live’ until a boundary is scored. So if the heavens open or the Umpires drag the teams off for bad light, then your selection remains in place until play resumes. This applies for all other breaks in play – drinks, lunch, tea, streakers etc! If play is abandoned then any ‘live’ selections will be credited back to your wallet (see below).
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What happens to selections placed at the end of the innings/match?
At the end of the day’s play or at the end of an innings, any ‘live’ selections will be credited back to your wallet. The next day’s play then starts fresh and you can start to make selections again.
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How will I know if there are updates to the game?
As and when updates to the game become available, you will see a small numeric notifier on your App Store icon. We’ll also post updates on our Blog page and will share updates on forthcoming releases on our Twitter and Facebook pages.
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This document was last updated 21th April 2010.